• To look for innovative shapes of run-out and/or optimized additional fittings. To investigate possible compromises between generic geometry and run-out. This will lead to a global panel optimization.
  • Establishing an experimental base of stiffener run-out behaviour and failure in order to develop a modelization and to generate the failure criteria. Mechanical tests will support the methodology and validation of the optimized architectures.
  • Manufacture the panels necessary to extract the test components as defined in the test programme.
  • Manufacture composite co-bonded T stiffened panels with thermoset materials in autoclave according to the aeronautical standards.
  • Develop a methodology and failure criteria to predict in a simple way the strength of stiffener run-outs for composite panels.
  • To provide better tools for the design of stiffener run-outs and composite panel by developing a simple methodology. Consequently, this technique will predict the failure of any stiffener run-out configuration. Finally, it will allow simple trade-offs for a better optimization of the panel.
  • The methodology developed must be simple enough so that it is useful in design phases to evaluate several stiffener configurations. Innovative and optimized solutions are required. Therefore, the failure criteria generated will use the exploitation of simple FE models and/or parametric curves.
  • The search for innovative design of stiffener run-outs demonstrates the relevance of the methodology, looking at stiffener and skin local architecture, geometries, fitting designs for load transfer. In addition, more global optimization trends between current area and local reinforcements will need to be addressed.
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